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Form 10K Filings

FY15 10K Filing (PDF) (XBRL)
FY14 10K Filing (PDF) (XBRL)
FY13 10K Filing (PDF) (XBRL)
FY12 10K Filing (PDF) (XBRL)
FY11 10K Filing (PDF) (XBRL)
FY10 10K Filing (PDF)
FY09 10K Filing (PDF)
FY08 10K Filing (PDF)

Form 10Q Filings

Q3 FY16 10Q Filing (PDF) (XBRL)
Q2 FY16 10Q Filing (PDF) (XBRL)
Q1 FY16 10Q Filing (PDF) (XBRL)
Q3 FY15 10Q Filing (PDF) (XBRL)
Q2 FY15 10Q Filing (PDF) (XBRL)
Q1 FY15 10Q Filing (PDF) (XBRL)
Q3 FY14 10Q Filing (PDF) (XBRL)
Q2 FY14 10Q Filing (PDF) (XBRL)
Q1 FY14 10Q Filing (PDF) (XBRL)
Q3 FY13 10Q Filing (PDF) (XBRL)
Q2 FY13 10Q Filing (PDF) (XBRL)
Q1 FY13 10Q Filing (PDF) (XBRL)
Q3 FY12 10Q Filing (PDF) (XBRL)
Q2 FY12 10Q Filing (PDF) (XBRL)
Q1 FY12 10Q Filing (PDF) (XBRL)
Q3 FY11 10Q Filing (PDF) (XBRL)
Q2 FY11 10Q Filing (PDF) (XBRL)
Q1 FY11 10Q Filing (PDF)
Q3 FY10 10Q Filing (PDF)
Q2 FY10 10Q Filing (PDF)
Q1 FY10 10Q Filing (PDF)

Past 10Q Filings and 10K Filing Exhibits

*eXtensible Business Reporting Language

Q: What is XBRL?
A: XBRL (eXtensible Business Reporting Language) is an XML-based language for the electronic transmission of business and financial data. XBRL data, also referred to as "interactive data" by the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC), does not change accounting standards or methods used for financial and business reporting; it is an electronic filing format for annual and quarterly reports that is supplemental to existing formats (ASCII or HTML).

Q: How do I view an XBRL document?
A: The XBRL exhibits provided on The ENERGY & TECHNOLOGY, CORP. investor relations website are available for download through a zip file and may be viewed by importing them into an XBRL viewer application of your choice.

XBRL documents can also be viewed in a web-friendly format through the SEC's Interactive Financial Report Viewer. To view company's filings in interactive format, click on the "Interactive Data" link, where available, on the ENERGY & TECHNOLOGY, CORP. section of the SEC website.