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Inspection Technology Leader

NDT inspection of pipe & equipment using ULTRASONIC, EMI, MPI, WMPI, PT, oilfield services, storage and the industry's newest technology, Visonic™ 3-D Virtual Imaging Pipe Inspection and Visonic™ Full-length Pipe OD Measuring and Ovality Determination. Oilfield services includes NDT pipe inspection of tubing, casing, line-pipe, drill pipe, BHA (Bottom Hole Assembly) re-facing, drilling rigs, tools & equipment, deep water, and critical wells. Mill services include manufacturing of pipe inspection equipment & consulting.

Welcome to Technical Industries, Inc.

Since our founding in 1971, Technical Industries, Inc., has become a recognized leader in ultrasonic pipe inspection technology. Services include full-length electromagnetic inspection for oil-field pipe and equipment and full length ultrasonic inspection systems for new and used drill pipe, tubing, casing and line-pipe.
Wet or dry MPI (Magnetic Particle Inspection); PT (Dye Penetrant Testing) or UT SEA (Ultrasonic Testing of the end areas) of plain end and threaded connections, including drill collars and drilling rig inspection; mill systems and mill surveillance; testing and consulting services.
Technical Industries' experienced engineers and technicians, design and manufacture the most advanced ultrasonic pipe inspection equipment used in the world today. Used by the world's largest steel mills and preferred by the world's largest oil companies, this pipe inspection equipment is the most tested and approved system in the industry. Our ultrasonic inspection systems have repeatedly shown to have superior flaw detection capabilities. Technical Industries, Inc. was the first company to design and provide the ultrasonic inspection Data Evaluation Software, enabling the world's largest oil companies to meticulously scrutinize their inspected pipe in order to safely drill and complete the world's most critical wells.
Our most recent addition to advanced inspection technology is our Visonic™ 3-D Virtual Imaging Systems, which also includes full-length pipe OD Measuring/Ovality Determination, Visonic™ String Builder and Pipe Straightness Determination. Cross-sectional area (CSA) is measured each ΒΌ inch helix along the entire pipe length, allowing the customer several choices in determining the strength of the pipe material including the use of minimum CSA, 64-point moving average and minimum remaining wall. Pipe wall thickness and OD measurements can be viewed in 3-D imagery. The Visonic™ technology when used with the proper algorithm will allow the user to calculate burst, collapse, and tensile strength of the pipe material.
Our ultrasonic systems have the largest OD and pipe length inspection capabilities in the industry for plain end and threaded pipe, and the deepest penetration capability offered for wall thickness measurement. Our large inspection facility, located in Houston, Texas provides excellent pipe and equipment storage and maintenance services.
Our people...our technology...our service...our performance. This is the heart of Technical Industries, Inc. Our Ultrasonic Systems have repeatedly shown to have superior flaw detection capabilities. For the safety of your people, and your investment, and if you are interested in obtaining the best NDT inspection for your well tubular and equipment contact the experts at Technical Industries, Inc., where you will obtain the best.